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"Deciding to launch your own startup is hard enough. Firstbase takes what is often a big headache of incorporation for founders and simplifies the process into an efficient, personalized one stop shop."  

Danny Olinsky

Founder of Statuspage 

"We’re thrilled to support’s mission and believe they will have a massive impact on new businesses being started around the world.”  

Jared Friedman

Y Combinator Partner 

" is tackling a big problem involving multiple government bureaucracies and this kind of relentless focus on the details is the only way to make launching a business truly seamless."

Tyler Tringas

Earnest Capital

Focus on your business. We'll handle the details.

A powerful structure for founders
worldwide makes it easy for founders to incorporate in the US and get access to American startup infrastructure, venture capital, seamless payment processing, and other benefits. No matter where in the world you’re located — we have you covered.

A step-up for creative thinkers working on great ideas

The opportunity to build global products is now more accessible than ever before. is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to get the most out of their expertise and vision — by providing them with the structure used by the most innovative companies.

A simple yet efficient solution that helps you thrive

Our simple online module takes only two minutes to complete. We take it from there to establish your new company. To help you succeed, takes care of incorporation, legal documents, and securing an EIN. We can also help you setup a bank account. You’ll also get over $40k in startup rewards.

Give your startup a head start.

Venture Capital

Tax Benefits

Payment Processing

Access to

Simplified Bureaucracy

Market Access

Most venture capital funds are located in the United States and are accustomed to working with American companies. Easily gain access to venture funding by incorporating in the US.

Venture capital is concentrated in the US.

US-incorporated businesses have better
access to start-up funding.

Register your business in just 4 steps


Set up your US-based business for one low fee and get access to our
all-in-one platform.

US company formation
(LLC or C Corp)


US Business bank account

Post-incorporation documents

Registered agent

Free 1:1 calls with tax & legal experts

US address setup

Secure dashboard

Lifetime expert support

>$40k in exclusive startup rewards


A great choice for e-commerce stores, bootstrapped startups, and small online projects. LLCs offer limited liability for founders, simple structure, and ease of management. llc corporation

C Corporation

Ideal for businesses seeking to raise venture capital. C Corporations also provide limited liability for founders. The ownership of the company is expressed in shares of stock. These shares can be used to raise money and issue employee options.

LLC or C Corp? What should you choose?

What is an LLC?

What is a C Corporation?

No matter where you live.
We have you covered.

Five thousand companies in over 160 countries have trusted to incorporate their business. founders guide

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media companies



financial services



design studios

marketing agencies

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A Founder's Guide
to Incorporating a
US Startup

A comprehensive guide to help startup founders create, maintain, and grow a startup in the United States. founders guide

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